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  1. VAM is actually the best did you see that video?
  2. i wonder if they released characters with full genitalia, altought they don't show in game
  3. The first thing I said was getting rid of the armpit hair and getting rid of the body hair on the female models Someone in their good graces put up this mod so we are in the right direction currently. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=861928199
  4. i would like to see better textures and less cartoon style graphic
  5. it's cool with nude mods
  6. thanks hope someone can add penis to male players now we should support this topic here to get nude mod smacktalks.org/forums/topic/56388-nude-mod/
  7. Maybe so, but they are still fun to play with. i would have liked more to play with naked players in WWE 2K15
  8. thanks for sharing mod pity that the original models from DOA5 are so low in polygons numbers and texture quality, look like a ps2 game... hope better work in doa6
  9. still no male/female genitals add-on mod?
  10. we need better looking NPCs (textures and mesh) , undress and genitalia mod for both male and female,
  11. "Marcus Stephenson of 2K Games has confirmed on Twitter that the newly released PC version of the WWE 2K15 video game allows for fan modification (or "mods/modding") of the game."
  12. looking forward to see wwe hunks full naked, hope someone will release that
  13. thanks for sharing her! the only issue i have found is the skin brightness, its reflection is very high at any condition also i couldnt remove with "removeitem" command her clothes because i don't know the id of clothes (could see her naked only during sexlab session)
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