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HDT High Heels and NPCs


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I need some help in getting the HDT system working with the various high heels out there, while on NPCS. Newmiller......etc

I always have the feet sinking problem. I adjust the global or customize heght but does not seem to change the height up. Has anyone been able to get this working with NPCs, followers, slaves?


I looked everywhere over and over but just cannot find an answer. Got to have the heels....they look great! Im using CBBE by the way.



Edit: I have found that I have to put the heels on my character first. While still on my character, go to the MCM menu for HDT, and adjust custom height, Then I get the lightning bolt next to the shoe. I then give this shoe to either a follower or a slave. At least for a time the height stays correct. On the slave it would revert sometimes though. Not so far on the follower. I tried to make the slave a follower, but that did not help. I'll be trying it on others and report what I find.

THanks for the help


Edit: I download/installed Arizona_Steves HDT and the other hook.

So If I set global height to 8, and put heels on follower they stay. Even after saves and reloads. That is not the case for slaves though. You move to a new cell or new load and they can sink again. Not always but most of the time. Slaves must be different somehow. Even if I make a slave a follower, they still have that slave dialog and heels wont work.

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I'm working on fixing it, although I only have the Papyrus source available (as far as I know the C++ source for the SKSE plugin was not published). See my thread in the SexLab downloads. Hoping to have another release out this weekend that fixes horse riding among other things.


Bump. Is it possible to make heels work for NPCs?

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