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Happy Holiday season!


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Fuck the holidays.  It's nothing but glorified commercialism anyways.  And what about family you see only once or twice a year acting like they're always close to you?  Please, just stop with the nonsense.


Truth has been spoken, that's the case for my family...

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I hate this time of year, but stuff like this kinda makes the stress entirely worth it.




Dear Santa,


I've been really nice this year, so all I want for Xmas are those two lovelies and....


fuzzy handcuffs and shackles

assorted.....toys (that DO include batteries!)

silk blindfolds

2 pair of legwarmers :D

a 4-adult inflatable pool

36 lbs of Jello (Lime or Strawberry)

A massage table

a gallon of hypoallergenic massage oil

a bottle of 5 mg viagra (just in case of emergency)

and a blood pressure monitor (see above).


PS: And a pair of fur moccasins with hard soles....I need new slippers.


Best wishes Santa and Mrs. Claus










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