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Finding mod dependency

Boo Yacka

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after restarting the game Mod Organizer suddenly complained about a missing esm. To be specific  Climates of Tamriel - Winter Edition. Thing is, I never used the winter edition before, only the regular CoT since I like the non-snowy corners of Skyrim as they are. The game ran just fine and I am not aware of having changed anything.

Now my question is, how do I find out, which mod wants depends on that esm?

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Download TES5EDIT unzip it and run the .exe that is in it it will load everything that you have installed in your game and when it hits a master that is either missing or in the incorrect order it will stop and tell you why in the bottom right hand area and it should say there which mod it is coming from.  



Thanks, that helped. Something reactivated Sounds of Skyrim patches for the Winter Edition of CoT.


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