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BNB Body Issue

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I'm using this: http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/35047/?


and there's this ugly issue with the texture: post-245711-0-49188300-1417808801_thumb.jpgpost-245711-0-55164900-1417808802_thumb.jpg


I tried reinstalling the body mod and then the armor file. But it doesn't change, also tried the update files, still nothing, Then tried getting the bigger breast file, and still nothing. Guessing there's something here that's too obvious for me to see that I'm doing wrong?

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The black crotch tells me you're using the bnb mesh without the bnb texture.


(Any type 3 texture will suffice actually)


If you are actually using the new texture, then it's probably a simple case of needing to toggle archive invalidation off and on again.


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