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[IDEA] Empathy Belly (sort of)


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<Insert standard "I'm not a modder but I have what I think is a good idea" disclaimer.>


So from looking at the various adult sub-forums here it seems like a very common reoccurring problem is people asking about how to properly set up skeleton + mesh combination that will properly interact with the various mods found on this site that seek to alter the belly node.  This got me thinking about the idea of:


What if there was a body independent asset and/or framework that could display belly growth?



I'm thinking that something like this could be as "simple" as an add-on for Racemenu.  There are, to me, several benefits to an externalized pregnancy system.  The first is that this would likely simplify the process of creating a setup that would show belly growth.  The second is that it would allow for belly growth for body types that don't natively support this functionality.  The last and probably most niche outcome would be that this would, in theory, allow for male pregnancies.


I'm hoping I got my terminology correct and that this idea isn't some sort of stupidly impossible completely infeasible project.  If it is I would appreciate it if, after calling me an idiot, you could explain why this wouldn't work.  Cheers.

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While getting belly growth to work on all meshes is a noble task, think about hiw bat it looks now, and realize it would only get worse. I encountered a problem when copying pregnant-scaling weighting from UNPB to UNP - not even meshes looking so similar like this don't have the same positioning (some meshes are shifted slightly p, while the others are precisely over the 0,0,0 point).

Also, think about how bad the pregnant belly looks. It's not a proper belly, it's just a scaled node, not even the texture works right.


A universal body should be made instead, I think. And a different scaling method should be developed.

Instead of scaling the belly node, I think pregnant meshes of the universal body shaped with a female belly at the end of the first, second, and third trimester should be made, and the pregnancy framework would continually grow from one mesh and texture set to the next akin to the vanilla game growing from mesh weight_0 to mesh weight_1. This would, however, create the need for more SG textures modifications, and two extra meshes (_0 and _1) per phase of pregnancy - end of each trimester and the beginning of the replenish phase - per EACH body. If this idea caught on, people would probably make this for CBBE, 7B, and UNPB, which saddens me as a base UNP fan.

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The scaling node is fine.

If people use NiOverride scaling instead of netimmerse, then all scales are handled via keys that can be removed or added together etc... to maintain full compatibility and can be easily undone.


The only thing that doesn't work is textures, and that's chiefly because you need to swap out the normal map to something that more closely relates the new scaled figure.


GL figuring that one out though.

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DVA works by altering Facegen Files,


Though maybe a system like that could actually work. Not exactly sure, but basically just swap the body.nif file with something pointing to a new normal map.

Or make use of the Creation Kit TextureSets.


Again, the main problem with everyone's pregnancy mods is that at specific scaled belly values the normal map completely fucks up and you get weird looking belly's

If someone makes a system to swap them out then you should get a lot more realistic looking belly's

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