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[REQ] Need some help with a tree mesh.


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I'm pretty stubborn I admit. I try to do lots of things on my own, reading tutorials and watching videos. But I think I'm beyond my limits here; I've been working on this for 4 days in an attempt to build something myself. I'm not good at making meshes (not for a lack of trying for 3+ years because of another platform), and my computer reaaallly doesn't like 3d programs. It tolerates blender and I tried the 3dsmax trial and doing what some of the tutorials said would be easier, but I couldn't ever get the script to install. 


Anyway. I need a banyan tree. So discovering there wasn't anything like it for a resource, I tried cobbling my own together with Hoddimirs cyprus trees and some vines. It works but it doesn't really look like what I have in mind and it does look like a bunch of different trees that are huddled together rather than a magnificent centerpiece I need it to be. I then went hunting for free resources (Actual free license and not those shady maybe's...) and found one that looks close enough to what I need that I think with good texturing it'll work. 


That's where all my trouble started. It's been long enough that I really couldn't remember what to do in blender and the niftools script I got kinda works?(I think) because I got it to show up in the import/export and it'll pop up everything that looks like I need. but it errors out like crazy when I try to save it. I read where things need to be the 2.49b and whatnot but the one I have is from last year and it's compatible with the 2.7(somethingish) ... I really am over my head here. I couldn't get the uv map to generate so I could begin making textures for it, and I don't know what it needs and doesn't need. It looks to me like a solid mesh. There isn't any loose ends to tie up (I don't think...) 


Please... can anyone turn this into a nif that'll become a tree in skyrim; a uvmap so I can make textures for it and make me feel tons better about my complete lack of comprehension and ability with meshes creation?




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