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[REQ] Help to animate these wings

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Hello everyone,

It's me again askingfor some help.

I'm creating a fairy race mod and made some custom wings. Is anybody with animation experience willing to make it flap? A simple quick flap loop in the nif. Like in the wings from this mod Moving Wings but faster.

I use XPMSE 2.14 female skeleton to make the wings but I have no idea how to animate them.

If anybody is willing to do it I'll send you the mesh and the texture.

Here is a picture.


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I have a fairy race almost completely setup, transform from human form to sprite form. The sprite form is tiny and flies instead of walk (the race uses different animations separated from vanilla races).

All I need now is to set these wings. Tried following tutorials to animate the wings but I cannot get it working.

I'm almost giving up on the whole fairy race thing.

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I already gave up. Nobody that knows how to do it have the time to do it. I don't blame them, these things are time consuming.

I tried to learn how to do it myself using the tips they gave me. I failed. End of story. I'll be making more models of wings, just to practice 3ds max skills. They will probably never go to the game. I cannot do it by myself.

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Sun,love your idea and even if i have no ability to help wanted to support you and hope you will not give up.

From what i see you are so close to bring a fairy race into world and i am sure someone will come along and give a hand with those wings :)


Once it comes out do you plan maybe making a pixie race too?

They are my fav from all fae species.

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lol,well you can google it but i will give a short version of what pixie specie or how they look are:

1.They are smaller then fairy kind.

2.They have wings but are not transparent(more like butterfly).

3.Pixies skin is or can be colored(mostly blue color).

4.They are very mischievous.

5.They do have pointy ears(Fire,elves have them too).

7.They love to dance,and they know to help humans but you need to sweeten them first with gifts :)

8.Pixie use magic and can make you sleep,go invisible or change to any other specie even human or beast.


Well there is much more to the list but again would be easier google it for those who would like know more of pixie specie :)


For me they are the real or best fae specie,they have best of each other specie(well best for me).

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Why not reverse engineer the dragon wings from the animated wings mod? That should give you some clue how to attach the bone structure and animate them. Then just give the fairy form a power/spell for "wings on" and "wings off" and have the power automatically activate during the transformation.

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