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Animations Won't Play & Can't Initiate Prostitution

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Ok, so I downloaded and installed:


  • SexLabFramework.v159c
  • TDF Aggressive Prostitution - v2_0_1_0 to v2_1_5_1 Update
  • SexLabAroused
  • SpousesEnhanced

I followed the installation instructions and made sure to have the required mods (FNIS, etc.) and unofficial patches. I made sure to update FNIS after installing all the mods and finished by running LOOT. I started my game and began using the TDF Prostitution mod to make my PC have sex with NPCs.


Here's the 1st problem:

Only a handful of the animations would play and half of those would actually play "correctly" (correctly being both the PC and NPC move in the animations) while the other half would play "incorrectly" (this meaning only the PC would move in the animation). There was also no sound whatsoever during the animations.


In trying to fix the problem myself, I uninstalled and reinstalled all the mods listed at the top of this post, updated FNIS after uninstalling and again after reinstalling, and ran LOOT after reinstalling.


Here's the 2nd problem:

After doing all that, I can no longer even initiate my PC prostitution! I have the MCM menu for the TDF Prostitution mod and have the Allow PC Prostitution box checked (I even tried unchecking the box just for kicks) but when I talk to the same NPCs the prostitution mod worked with before, I no longer get the dialog option to offer myself to them.


I am new to modding my Skyrim and have been trying to fix this issue on my own/with the troubleshooting pinned posts/YouTube videos/etc. for the past 5-6 hours and I've only managed to make it worse so I'm doing what I should have in the first place and asking for help. I've attached my Papyrus log (took me forever to find it). Unfortunately (perhaps..?), this is the papyrus log from AFTER reinstalling and not being able to initiate any prostitution whatsoever.


My current load order is as follows:

  1. Skyrim. esm
  2. Update. esm
  3. Unofficial Skyrim Patch. esp
  4. Dawnguard. esm
  5. HearthFires. esm
  6. Unofficial Dawnguard Patch. esp
  7. Unofficial Hearthfire Patch. esp
  8. Dragonborn. esm
  9. Unofficial Dragonborn Patch. esp
  10. SexLab. esm
  11. ApachiiSkyHair. esm
  12. AmethystHollowsMaster. esm
  13. hdtHighHeel. esm
  14. SexLabAroused. esm
  15. TERAArmors. esm
  16. Brows. esp
  17. FasterHorses_Sprint_x1_5. esp
  18. SkyUI. esp
  19. BlitzConsoleCommandsMCM. esp
  20. Auto Unequip Ammo. esp
  21. Extended Slider Colors. esp
  22. poshmudcrabs. esp
  23. EnchantedArsenal. esp
  24. rrhair. esp
  25. explosivechickens. esp
  26. Better Vampires ML. esp
  27. SexLab TDF Aggressive Postitution. esp
  28. RaceMenu. esp
  29. RaceMenuPlugin. esp
  30. Skyrim Radioactive. esp
  31. TERA Weapons. esp
  32. sjel blad castle. esp
  33. AmethystHollowsUpdate. esp
  34. UFO - Ultimate Follower Overhaul. esp
  35. Catsofskyrim. esp
  36. Dogsofskyrim. esp
  37. TemptressVixen. esp
  38. garm_mini_no_armor. esp
  39. Brevi_MoonlightTales. esp
  40. LustmoordVampireArmor. esp
  41. dovahkiinrelax. esp
  42. Spousetocustomhome. esp
  43. the dance of death. esp


Mods I am also using:

  • CBBE body
  • [skeleton]XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended
  • FNIS Behavior V5_2
  • Better Females
  • Better Males
  • SKSE Launch Patch
  • Fuz Ro D-oh - Silent Voice



I have class weekday mornings and I work full-time on B shift so I probably won't be able to respond to any questions/posts until very late at night.


Thank you for any help you can give me!


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From your log, you're not trying to play 1 scene with two actors, but instead 2 scenes with with different actors, Zylanya and Serana. Zylanya is taking the first animation and playing the AP Female Solo animation, and Serana is starting a second animation scene playing an Estrus tentacle animation. If only one of them is playing an animation as you say, I would hazard a guess that you don't have the estrust animations installed correct, and as far as I know most of those are overly buggy and should be avoided anyway. Serana is also notoriously buggy with SexLab from what I hear, I've never tried using her in an animation myself to know for sure.


Take it back to basics and start from there. Uninstall ALL sexlab mods except for the sexlab framework and install only sexlab matchmaker to go with it. Then perform your tests with regular npcs using sexlab matchmaker, post the resulting logs from that test if it still doesn't work correctly.

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  • 6 months later...

Was browsing around the internet for some advice, the animations work, the sounds work, but for both NPC and PC, the dancing doesn't load, they just stand around nakid. My other issue is that males stand around in their undies, if you guys need screenshots or my mod list let me know, I'll check this a couple times a day.

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