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100 New Marriage Options For Skyrim!




You tired of not finding enough Redguard booty to become married to? You tired of the lack of races able to marry too? What about just wanting a larger pool of desperate losers to pick from that are willing to stand around all day saying 'my love' and sell things magically so you may collect money off of them, wondering exactly what they are really doing while you're away adventuring? Then this mod is for you! :D


Simply put that the world is empty obviously. Plus Skyrim brought us marriage but basically one of the worst forms of so called relationships. Anyways....below is a list of people currently in game that can be married. More to come! A mix of useless dagger wielding citizens to actual followers will be available as time goes on. Enjoy your terrible marriage Skyrim players! :)




ApachiiSkyHair Males






Where to find?


You can find them in inns, stores, houses, in dungeons, along the roads, Thieves guild, Dark Brotherhood, and more all over Skyrim.




Who can follow?


Majority are followers. You'll have to find them yourselves, but should be easy just by looking at them.






NOTE: Dawnguard version discontinued!


NOTE: ApachiiSkyHair version idscontinued!


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Been using this for a bit now and only used two of the followers, Mor and the Whiterun Guard.  Please don't make the followers too powerful, I like having companions that take some heat off the player and not mop up the map with the enemies.  Nice addition to the gameworld.

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Well did another update. Didn't care for the lack of NPC choices so I added a total of 64 now. More variety of Wood, High, Dark, Khajiit, Argonian, and Imperial.


Like usual majority are female but most are also available as followers too.

I got rid of the Nexus page because *text removed to avoid conflicts* so yeah Loverslab exclusive.


This means if you use all three versions you'll have 70 options. 0_o

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Wasn't there a list of who's what and where to find them? I need a new Argonian husband and Skyrim's a big place.


Sorry I stopped making the list after I added many bachelors and bachelorettes. I think there's about 2 or 3 Argonian males in this mod currently. Not sure where. I kind of scattered them throughout Skyrim to make sure they don't clutter certain areas other NPC/follower mods like to be. I'll continue to add more candidates though. You want male Argonians so I'll see to making more and will let you know where they are if I can remember.

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Updated once again with 100 options total. More focus was placed on noble and commoner types along with more males. I don't know if I'll continue to add more or not, just something I keep doing over time. I'm bringing back ApachiiSkyHair version too soon with more depth to the characters but still basic with no major requirements.

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