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Having troubles installing mods (Nexus manager)


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Ok i quitted the game some time ago and now i wanted to try it again , the problem is that when i try to install the old mods ive used to play, my nexus mod manager (latest version) doesnt recognize them, i use the tool to add a new mod but it just picks the ones from nexusmods, i dont know how to make it recognize the others... (like Elin Race)

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I'm using the latest NMM version and all works fine, all and new mods. Maybe the format of your all mods changed (I'm just guessing since you didn't mention anything about it) or something went wrong during your installation of NMM. Try to reinstall NMM. In the worst scenario, re download your mods manually in new folder away from NExus folder in Skyrim. then try to see if they work. After that, you can try to download them using NMM.

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You may need to update some of your mods if they're way out of date or made before the final skyrim patch as some may even permanently break your game into tiny little pieces. As germanicus above me said, your installation may glitched.

More often then not

I've been able to fix issues with NMM by cleaning it out and reinstalling it.

Keep in mind some mods are set up in a way that NMM doesn't agree with and will not/cannot install correctly.

The mod author will usually say you need to manually install said mods in these cases.

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When you say it doesn't recognize the mod what do you mean? The mod doesn't show up in the NMM or you don't have the esp showing in your load order? The file structure has not changed (same structure as Oblivion, FO3 and FONV) so thatshould not be an issue unless the mods file structure you are trying to add were not set up properly to begin with.

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