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Can't install CBBE Skins with Mod Organizer


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So when I try to install a skin with Mod Organizer it doesn't show up in game, I only get the standard Caliente skin.

Also the skin I try to install is colored red in the data tab of Mod Organizer. I tried different skin mods and already tried to install these in different orders.


So I installed a Skeleton, installed CBBE, installed a skin, ran FNIS and it won't work.

What am I doing wrong? o.O




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if i remember correctly you need to setup the game to use the max texture quality as else hi-res textures will not show or look all messed up.
But i may be wrong here as i tend to not remember correctly or you already run the game with max texture settings and something else is causing the trouble.

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They are pretty close looking (CBBE std and SG). I could be wrong, but the red isn't a problem it's too indicate the file has been overwritten. Are you positive the SG isn't showing, have you tried another skin (like Mature skin) to definitely say ok, this is not Mature skin. Or maybe one of the SG optionals (scars, wet look, etc.) to test

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The red entries indicate files of the same name is found in another mod.  If you want SG textures to overwrite Caliente's texture, look at the main window on the left which shows your installed mods.  Move the SG textures below any other textures and body replacers, in this case, Caliente's CBBE.  This gives SG textures a lower priority than the CBBE textures.  This means Caliente's files will be loaded first then overwritten by SG textures.



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I didn't know the list with the mods on the left affect the loading order, thanks! But unfortunately it didn't help. And yeah, I also tried Mature skin.


I installed the UNPB body now  and had no problems at all. Will probably use that then, thanks anyway guys.

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