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O.S.E Oblivion Sex Encounter (Idea)


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Ok we all know we have this pic Lovers with PK system and some very nice mods, but at last  some action is realy mised.


I have tried to  create it by myself, but at last i failed. I can create  NPC, weapons and armor, items. But i fail on scripts.

But i think if some one like this idea... maybe we get our O.S.E.


What O.S.E should have:



Simple sex encounters: Simple sex between adventures, citizens, guild members, prostitutes, random lovebirds. But it should not become to some simple "on the street" sex, it will hapen in "safe places" like a house or inn or just  a bit far away.

Who have sex: M/F F/F M/M  B/F





Adventurer A sexy female elf adventurer get captured by some  nasty critters and wil be raped. the player have the canse to save the girl, and get savior sex an some random stuff (gold and items) or he can play the bad cay and rape  the poor girl.


Huntres A huntres get captured by some  spriggan and get raped for her "crimes". The player have three options:

1 Atack the spriggan and save the huntres.

2 Just look and get the cahnse to get some fun with the huntres.

3 Join the party and get raped. This will add a nice effect on the player. (increased HP magica and stamina 25 point for 1 hour.


Warior:      A female warior get owerhelmed by wolves and geting raped. simple need to be saved. Player can rape her as reward.



Quest encounter:     



Umbra:     We all know the hardest fight in the game or shlould i better say fuck?  This ad a non violent option to get Umbra.


How? If we encounter Umbra we get a new dialog. Chose "Swords? Ha i will fuck our brain out!" -> it will start 5 stages of sex

stage 1-2  umbra will dominate the player (umbra use male position, pc female) stage 3-5 player domitane umbra (pc use positon, umbra female.) After the end umbra is defeat and will give you the sword. END


Adwanced   Here is the option to take umbra to a companion. After another good fuck she will stay with the player.

She have folow options: wait/follow, go home, your new home, inventory, lets have some fun. (a random sex animation will be played.)




Ok will add more later,  need to some sleep. :D



PS. I have bad Englisch.

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I'm basically a newbie as far as modding goes, but the umbra thing wouldn't be particularly hard to put in. I don't know how to write the script from scratch, but if I wanted to say... implement it using the pre-existing scripts from LoversStupid, I'd simply go into the dialog section, copy the scripts from a few of the rape scenario's he already made, create a new option for when talking to umbra, and add the scripts as a conclusion for that chat and then save that copy of LoversStupid. There's a bit more work involved, especially in a new mod, but that should cover the base idea.


However, I'm not sure about the other part. If you're talking about having the rape events happen in one specific place every time, that's certainly doable. But if you want a random chance of encountering that event anywhere in the world like the events in Fallout 3/NV, it may or may not be possible in Oblivion, I'm unsure.

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