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Is it possible to have "Hair Color" overlays for Racemenu?


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Quite nice ones.. but these are custom textures. 

I think the idea of the topic is to have an overlay section for hair. so the use can choose the scpecif color combination he wants, and what parts of the hair it will change (by making of course his custom textures.).


And now that I think about it I see why that doesn't exist. and I dont think it ever will.


Having a boddy tattoo texture based on UNP body (for the overlay menu) works will ALL unp bodies and its variants as they all use the same UV textures.

Having a tattoo texture for the hair, will mean that that texture will be usable only by that specific hair model as it will be based on that hair's UV. So its exactly the same as making you custom texture for that specific hair. So there is no need for and overlay menu for hair.


So, to anwser the topic.  :shy:


No its not possible to have an overlay menu for hair as it would be useless. If you want multicolored textures you must edit the hair's texture. 

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Even if it were possible it wouldn't work correctly, most modded hair styles include duplicate hair in the same space, only one with alpha blending enabled, and one without. When you have two alpha blending meshes (in this case the second would be the overlay) in the same space one completely overrides the other and ends up with some serious z-fighting and flickering (I've already tried overlays for hair, eyes as well, it doesn't really work).


The only way to get multi-colored dynamic hair is to perform a similar action with the face to use the Facegen shader to allow for tint maps. Only this includes some hardcoded behavior you would need to patch out where the game automatically applies face textures to any child of the parent face node with the shader type of Facegen (Face Tint in NifSkope). It's do-able via some complicated SKSE plugin magic and a little bit of internal patching but you still need to make tint maps for the hair then you need a way to actually map those textures to the actual mesh.

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Oh, I see.  I figured that would be the case.  The way it was working out in my head is that it could apply tints to the hair through the sculpt mode.

Looking through it, it seems that one the hair is attached to the head node, it is editable.  I tried this by exporting the head and actually editing the head and hair in Blender.  So I figured something like that might work in sculpt mode, once it was finished.


But the man himself said it would be complex to do.  Thanks for the insight.

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CathyMorrigan, on 10 Nov 2014 - 11:30 AM, said:

Also, is there a way to remove the limit upon the body overlays that your have?

There is the way to increase the limit of overlays.



find there and increase the next parameters:

; Determines how many body overlays there should be
iNumOverlays=10 ; Default[6]
; Determines how many hand overlays there should be
iNumOverlays=5 ; Default[3]
; Determines how many feet overlays there should be
iNumOverlays=5 ; Default[3]
; Determines how many face overlays there should be
iNumOverlays=6 ; Default[3]

But if you mean not a number of overlays that you can have simultaneously displayed on your body, but a maximum number of overlays in Racemenu's selection list, then this is impossible, because seems Racemenu has hardcoded limit of installed overlays count, which seems to be 255. But i'm not sure about this because i have told this to author of Racemenu, and he says that there is no limit. But when i tried to install very many overlays and when the count of they become greater than 255, Racemenu stops to display it in list.

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