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  1. We'll see. I just finished overlays recently...
  2. Expired6978


    I always use GetFormFromFile to get your Quest and then CastAs to fetch your Main script without making Four-Play a masterfile, but that's just me and my attitude of avoiding hard dependencies if possible lol. Which is the correct way. Directly depending on scripts breaks when that script doesn't exist in the first place. They added all this functionality for indirectly accessing scripts for a reason.
  3. Expired6978

    [WIP] LooksMenu

    Thanks very much for replying ! 2 and 3 sorted then. As for 1, what I mean , as an example: I first go NEARish Diamond City, unknowingly Piper, she gets CBBE Curvy baked into her for that save. When I then meet her properly, I can't take that body morph away from her, either by editing the values of CBBE Curvy in template.ini, nor changing Pipers designated template in morph.ini. Once a character has a morph in a save, is there any way to change or refresh it? Apologies I am obviously wording this so badly. BodyGen applies its morphs on the same key as LooksMenu, you can remove them through LooksMenu. There is no quick way to purge all morphs for a character yet. I've added the functionality as a script function for the next version. Removing all morphs results in a re-evaluation of BodyGen the next time the NPC's 3d is loaded. I can add another function to Regenerate by request if that helps.
  4. Expired6978

    [WIP] LooksMenu

    1. Unbake as in remove that morph? It can be done by setting it to zero, or removing it from script. Or do you mean remove all morphs and prevent BodyGen? Only problem with removing all morphs is it technically allows it to be regenerated by BodyGen, better to have a dummy morph applied (That doesn't correlate to an actual morph) 2. Preceding zeros are unnecessary. Max of 6 characters as it does not include the Mod Index. 3. It should be fixed with 1.3.2
  5. Expired6978

    [WIP] LooksMenu

    The keywords are supposed to be keywords from your mod. As when you remove your mod, the bindings will be removed with it (as the keyword no longer exists). For example if you made a mod that made a number of NPCs pregnant, removing your mod would remove the pregnancy morph from all the NPCs using the keyword you specified. It's not wrong to use base game keywords, but this means your data won't ever be cleaned up as the base game keywords always exist. You can also specify None, which is what LooksMenu itself uses.
  6. They don't have to be at the bottom. They abide by load-order rules. Just means if you have another similar mod that adds templates to targets it will overwrite the previous. For example: Data\F4SE\Plugins\F4EE\BodyGen\Fallout4.esm\morphs.ini (where Fallout4.esm is load order 0) All|Female|HumanRace=CBBE Curvy|CBBE Slim|CBBE Petite|CBBE Chubby|CBBE Athletic|Atomic Hottie|Josie|Miku|Ralfetas This means that all human females will acquire a randomly selected template from this list, which will be further randomized (or not) by the template itself Data\F4SE\Plugins\F4EE\BodyGen\SomeOtherPlugin.esp\morphs.ini (where SomeOtherPlugin.esp is higher load order e.g. 5) Fallout4.esm|2F1E=CBBE Curvy This now means that despite there already being targets for every human female, Piper specifically will always be generated using the CBBE Curvy template. Additionally, you can create mods that are just a collection of templates because morphs.ini is evaluated on second-pass. So you can have one or more mods adding only templates, then have a different mod that uses any of the templates from the previous mods.
  7. You can use these to get started. I made a python script to convert BodySlide presets into templates and add a standard deviation: Data\F4SE\Plugins\F4EE\BodyGen\%MODNAME%\templates.ini Data\F4SE\Plugins\F4EE\BodyGen\%MODNAME%\morphs.ini Here is the mentioned python script: usage: script [presetxml] [deviationpercent]
  8. Expired6978

    [WIP] LooksMenu

    if so how can i fix it? Your files are in the wrong directory. Should be: Data\F4SE\Plugins\F4EE\BodyGen\Fallout4.esm\
  9. Expired6978

    ARES Androids for Fallout 4

    Glow maps won't ever work for the face. They are a different shader archetype altogether. Material swaps let you change out the shader type but there is no shader that exists that is both dynamic facegen and glow. This is not a problem unique to Fallout 4, it was also a problem in Skyrim, the difference is that with RaceMenu I implemented a shallow copy of the geometry (this means I rendered it twice) and just applied a different material/shader where you could make part of it transparent and everything would be ontop i.e. the overlay system. It is a nightmare to get overlays for the head due to decapitation I needed to hook a bunch of places in the game's code just to get this to work without crashing everytime you or anyone else was decapitated and had overlays enabled. I've only recently learned how to make shallow copies of geometry correctly in Fallout 4 as they've drastically changed the internal structuring to the actual geometry. The FaceGen shader is a special shader type that is meant to do both the generating and displaying of the 3 relevant dynamic textures (diffuse, normal, specular) all three textures are generated by the game for any NPC who is not managed by external assets (i.e. not the player, or any NPC who has been manually run through LooksMenu and drastically altered). There's some really complex code here that manages merging all of the tint masks into 3 separate textures, they're pulled from the rendering thread and dumped into texture buffers on the GPU, the material's texture set holds onto these. The reason you might be able to make an NPC use a glowmap is because NPCs textures are baked externally, the game doesn't even need the FaceGen shader type at that point because you can just use all the textures from disk. Skyrim's tint system was different, they took the base texture and created a tint mapping using the FaceGen shader, so the FaceGen shader held a tint mask texture, this is where the grey face bug originated as when no tintmask exists, the body doesn't match the head, the Skin shader was a variation of the FaceGen shader but is a solid color instead of a texture map. Fallout 4's tint system is a dynamic renderer for taking multiple source textures and merging them all onto the actual texture, creating a new texture entirely. One alternative is you could dump the generated FaceGen textures from the game into a file on disk (yes this is possible, it's all just DirectX texture buffers), then swap the material type and remap the textures to your newly created textures, this however would be extremely annoying to force persistence as your face might be regenerated for a number of reasons. LMCC doesn't really have anything to do with the preset, all the records are on the Race record, this is the problem - they're not in your Race. You could resolve it by making your Race incorporate LMCC but this is a PITA. LooksMenu internally pulls all the data regarding character customization from the Race (and no, not in the menu code, in the engine code). Selecting the race would be done ideally through the menu, this wouldn't be that hard but I don't know what it's going to do to the animations and such when you invoke an engine update. It will likely rebuild the skeleton and invalidate the animation graph so it might just flat out break during the menu. Regarding customizations, why would you need this to be scripted? It should just work in the menu assuming you added the Race to the appropriate FormLists, you should acquire Eyes and Hair (i.e. the head parts). Acquiring Human Tints would need to be done through LooksMenu as it has a method to dynamically inject Tints into a Race, I use this for LMCC as the esp version crashes my game for whatever reason, so I have a data dump of the mod's tints and I just inject them into the Human race at runtime, this could be used to inject LMCC into your custom race also. The game wasn't really designed to have multiple playable races, luckily this means you don't need to worry about dialogue lockups where the dialogue expects you to be a certain race so that the NPC can respond appropriately. This just means you need to propagate all customization to your new Race, including tints, hair, and eyes, as with Fallout 4 all other parts are just tints, or are additional parts to hair. Edit: Quote Copying broke the editor and deleted a bunch of my other replies.
  10. Expired6978

    Four-Play WIP Discussion (was SexTec)

    Actually, the dev was just taking requests for 0.3.1 so we should have another iteration shortly. It's moving slow, but it is moving. And if it lets me do 2D arrays without using mutant bottlecaps to hide the storage from Papyrus, I'll be very happy with it You can do 2D arrays but you have to be careful you don't make cyclic references (i.e. any references to earlier Vars in the chain). Though dealing with 2D arrays is pretty inconvenient, you might need to make helper functions. Utility.VarToVarArray Utility.VarArrayToVar They let you pack a Var[] into a Var, meaning you can make a Var[] of Var[] aka 2D, you can technically do any dimension and varying dimensions. Papyrus will actually serialize this on its own so it doesn't go into the co-save, it'll go into the actual save game. They didn't support it by default because they didn't want to deal with cyclic references either. (Thus why you need to be careful! You WILL break a save game if you make a cyclic reference) F4SE 0.3.1 Beta has the running progress and is updated when new functions are added. Binaries aren't available yet though.
  11. Expired6978

    Four-Play WIP Discussion (was SexTec)

    Someone mentioned there is missing functionality to F4SE: https://www.reddit.com/r/f4se/comments/65yawp/f4se_031_beta_taking_requests/
  12. Expired6978

    All-in-One HDT Animated Pussy

    ECE does not rely on only SKSE, it relies on some custom code in it's own plugin to apply secondary custom morphs. This isn't just change a few types to 64-bit and it's good to go, it needs to be re-written. Sure RaceMenu needs more than just SKSE and it's going to take time to fix quite a lot of the stuff that has internally changed, some features may even need to be dropped with how much has actually changed regarding meshes and textures. Most of this is going to be happening concurrently since I'm probably going to be focusing on the areas of SKSE that my plugins require i.e. Scaleform injection and communications, translations, NetImmerse manipulation etc.
  13. Expired6978

    [WIP] LooksMenu

    Just uploaded version 1.0.0 http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/11544/?
  14. Expired6978

    [WIP] LooksMenu

    Version 1 is almost ready. Included features: -Scrolling list of face parts -Save Preset -Load Preset
  15. While it may look like Skyrim 1.1, they did a lot of engine changes to textures and meshes. With respect to the modding framework this is mostly true, many things have not changed. However, the scripts that operate on the Forms provided by the base game may not function the way you expect. They sort of scrapped the whole races concept in the menu since they don't really need it. Only things that look and animate fundamentally different from a human are a different race (which are typically non-playable). Also, power armor is actually just the player swapping races dynamically. It shows an animation of your player getting into the furniture, then it essentially swaps your race (why your skin and clothing disappears). I haven't looked into whether this happens internally or by script but knowing the vampire transformation script from Skyrim, I wouldn't get your hopes up that entering power armor and exiting power armor would revert your race properly.