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OBSE 0021 crash on save


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I just did a fresh install of Oblivion on a new (to me) laptop, with a new Win7 64bit install.


I reused almost every single OBMM from my previous Oblivion install, except the following which were updated to their latest versions


- OBSE 0021

- Unofficial Oblivion Patches

- Map Marker Overhaul

- a few LPK packages NOT involving LPAF


I also reused the previous load order that worked for 200 hours with VERY few crashes, as well as that save game. I kept getting crashes when saving the game, and the only consistent problem was that instead of having a .ess and .obse file, the .obse file was missing. The crashes were completely random, where in the same spot one save would work, then a few seconds later it would crash.


So I rolled back to OBSE 0020, and so far the save crash did not occur yet even though I played through roughly the same path.


Did anyone else have issues with OBSE 0021? Should I upgrade to LPAF to solve this issue? I am considering switching to LPAF, but I wanted to make sure my base game was working properly.


I can post the load order if it's needed, but I doubt that's the cause. After all, it worked for 200 hours prior to this reinstall.


Edit: rolling back to OBSE 0020 did not help. Oblivion crashed with this too...

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I rolled back to OBSE 0020, and it is still crashing. As before, it is random, sometimes it works, sometimes it crashes. I noticed if I save often there is a lesser chance of issues.


Starting a new game is not going to happen unless i have no other options. I want to finish this playthrough... :)

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Start a new game for testing OBSE21 , escape the prison and run around Tamriel, test saving.

If a new game with OBSE21 works the prolem are your old saves, a bug in the saves caused by the change of OBSE 20 to 21 and back.

Then you can play your old character and live with the save bug ( but you know your game works fine)

If the test with OBSE21 new game  does not work well , you know there is another Problem you must find. (perhaps update MenuQue or other OBSE Plugins)

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I always save both .ess and .obse, but that's not the issue here. My save was corrupt. I rolled back about 20 hours of game play and now I did everything that was crashing the game without any issues. I seemed to remember running into this save issue last time I played, but that was about a year ago. It definitely wasn't happening nearly as often with the old install.


Thanks for all the help, really enjoying running through Tamriel again. :)

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