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300 + BBP Pack [Done]


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300 + BBP/TBBP Pack   Would anyone be interested all in one .esp NO CTD and loottified :D


Here is proof. 414 - 432 These are the folders you want.


Before even thinking about these pack I SUGGEST YOU GET

Bodytypes of Skyrim by Kalambre    http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/40280/?

How to Download These Pack it's a Step Process.

1. I'm going to be using Mediafire

2. Get the files/folders I said 414- 432 , 414 is "Tera BodySlide"

3. I' ll upload the .esp when all is ready. Note These is already done and tested.

4. Esp is below and mediafolder is here https://www.mediafire.com/folder/di9gtx3gp1pps/mods



test X.esp

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looks and sounds good and all, but Mega is faster in every way shape and form over MediaFire nowadays. also a Torrent might be good if its too large. will put in on my seedbox if you choose to have one.

I choose mediafire because what way I can easily update/add more content , I also have really BAD internet on these computer sorry for  the wait.

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Same question here, let the page open for over 10 hours, nothing, tried with IE, Chrome & WaterFox (64b edition of Firefox).

While Waterfox is secured (adds, active x, scripts, java etc) = ok, could explain, but, the two others are there as to others case where I cant use this setup.

Guess it could be related to the size of the data ?

To be seen, intersting project in any case, thanks !

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