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Cant sit / use tables / enchanters


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when you sit down or uses the enchatning tables. it will force you to go into that camera mode.


perhaps the entry into Skyrim.ini had ben change. when you installed the Immersive mod it required a change like this:




this is for the "FIrst Person Immersive" mod I uses... did you also install the recommed mod called "Immersive animation" that they recommed to go with it ?

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I started a thread like this myself some time ago. It seems to be caused by an interrupted animation. The only option I had to fix it was go back many hours of gameplay to a save that wasn't experiencing this issue. It was like 50-some hours of gameplay I lost. There wasn't any other fix for this problem.

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Try the console command "tai" there where serval people here which this command fixed similar problems.

if this dosen't help revert back to an old save where it dosen't occure.


This is from a recent thread you could find using the search


go to immersive bed mcm menu and reset your animations

if you have it installed only of course he had the same issues like you

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Just ran into this issue in my game. To confirm: when attempting to [use] an object such as a crafting station or seat the PC would go through the enter animation, pause for half a second, then use the exit animation and immediately draw a weapon (even if no weapon was currently equipped, it just selected one from the inventory).
I solved this by uninstalling Submit and its dependants.
Before doing so I attempted to identify what was going on. My first though was that it was an active magic effect, something left over from a previous Submit engagement. But the only Submit related effect I could detect as currently applied was the Auto Submit effect and removing this did not help.
I should note that I encountered an issue with Submit prior to this in which the registered submit/escape key did not work. Previously I had fixed this by uninstalling Submit + Devious Devices + Follower Friendly. This time around I waited for a repeat attack while bound and this cleared the key issue. Next time I may take a closer look at what this mod is doing. It's possible that uninstalling just this may work.

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