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  1. Question: Would it be possible at add a feature that allows moving the camera around the player as you walk.. (Example: Pressing mouse3 while walking allows you to rotate camera in the 360* angle around the character) - I have been looking thru a few diffrent POV/Camera mods and none of them have it. SkyimLE had it with "Immersive first person camera" but It does not have a SSE port with that hotkey. What im finding is- If you are put into a arm binder you are then "locked" into 3rd person combat mode and you lose the ability to walk around normally. I don't know if it's a bug or your intende
  2. So, I have a question... Can i just run LE mods in SSE without doing the conversion ? From the reading I understand that SSE can read form43 just fine- So in theory- I should be able to just upload LE mods into SSE without doing any converting? Currently, Im having issues with a few mods that have been converted by users on the site and all of said mods are giving me issues- Such as surivial not equipping collars, Guards dialogues activating but not talking when i punch them locking me out of the game, inabality to equip devices and such - Here is a list from MO of issues ------
  3. Yeah, there is no archives solution in google searches.... Verify cache found no missing files.... Didn't do anything to MOlist or a reinstall- Problem just stopped being a problem and is now working on its own with zero imput from me. No idea what broke, why it broke, or how it fixed it's self- but relaunching over and over and over again seemed to work.
  4. Starting Via Mo2 all the sudden was met with an error stating something along the lines of " tbbmalloc.dll cannot be found, reinstalling fallout 4 may fix this issue". It worked fine yesterday, with zero changes- Why is it completely broken today ? Has anyone had a issue long these lines ?
  5. Nada- Body skin is working fine.. No issues at all.. I've gone thru and updated/reinstalled all the facemods(brows,eyes,tats) and that stuff to make sure its up to date. Started it, confirmed it was working- Then did my adjustment again and still ended up with the same result. Im starting to believe that when compressing the file I might be using the wrong compression option ? or saving as the wrong type ? Im not honestly 100% sure, im pretty new to editing .dds files in this manner... It is however, very possible I need to go thru like you said and readjust textures size that after doin
  6. So, in fallout there really is no "pale" skin texture- I thought I could make my own. However, whenever I edit the .DDS file and go back in game it ends up with the rusted/dark face texture. So somewhere along the lines some textures are conflicting and I have no idea where. I've edited the body texture (8k realistic skin tex CBBE) to be lighter- it worked the first time, no issue - saved and loaded into the game and it was there - boom done. However... the face is giving me non stop issues- So I loaded in Valkyr Face text 1k fair skin and checked it in game- it works- boom no issu
  7. Thats the benefit and downfall of Fo4- FNIS is not really required to inject animations into the game like it is in skyrim.... which is good for overall just adding in new animations- but mod dependency then vary alot, which branches off down rabbit holes that are pretty convoluted to follow Maybe i said that wrong, not file path - but grabbing assets or base scripts- when F04 updates they seem to move things, even so slightly that mods need to be reworked to account for whatever F04 master file edited. Which to me, is why no one has seriosly been going hard on F04 moddin
  8. Thanks for the reply- and yeah that I get Load orders/ MO / Incompatibilities and the like : i've been around the block in that aspect and my skyims smooth and modded to hell...I just don't post much...... but what im seeing here is that Skyrim / Fallout mod update style is pretty different while sharing some similarity. For instance, Skyrim hasn't updated its core game in a while- So SKSE/Skyrim version does not change much... where as in FO4 there has been multiple updates to the core game, which then effect every single mod, and if a mod updates to the new base F04 version, then the mod dep
  9. Ok so, simply put... Im running FO4 version 1.10.138 - and lets say I want to upgrade a mod that had a new version drop a few days ago, but thats running on 1.10.162??(for example).. That means I have to update fallout, then install said mods update. But in the process of doing that I bork like 50 other mods on my list, which then need a update to be compatable with the new version of X mod. So the takeaway here is any time I want to update a mod I have to go thru my entire load order and reinstall and reconfigure all mods to be working with each other every time?? Am i missing
  10. Yes i do, that very well is it then.... where/how can i find/play that HiLo game at ? That concept sounds great honestly. I was not even aware that was part of the mod. EDIT: okay i see what you mean in your support topic. So its just a dice game and not a strip dice game then ? I assume it was just easier to keep the defined parameters once you decided to swap from strip poker to just basic dice
  11. Im not currently at PC so i cannot post load order. But im just wondering what mod might have strip poker in it ? And where to find /play it I was just going thru console and saw a few MG effects that where named something like (you lost strip poker) (strip poker stripping effect) and what not- they would come up when typing ( help strip 0) in console I did some digging last night and couldnt find exactly what mod this effect was based from, google was no help, so i dove thru some possible mods on here and nexus and saw nothing mentioned So im kind of wonder
  12. Jesus, i had it downloaded too just not activated.. Maybe that will fix my variation issue. Where is "one patch fix" I dont see it under the AAF page and searching turns up nothing. EDIT: Yep that was it- not sure how i missed installing it, but i guess the simplest stuff escapes me sometimes... Theres a few issues under Errors / warning but it looks like most of those are just animations overwritten by other animations- and some deathclaw / ghoul animations. Nothing major- But yep that was the issue.
  13. Question: Ive been lurking the thread but I cant seem to find a solution to this issue. Im sure its been covered before tho... So when a scene starts. For some reason; it only plays 1 animation even tho i have a few different modpacks installed- How do i get more variation in my animations?
  14. 4. When a scene starts, the it only plays the same choking animation - Even tho i have a few packs installed- why?
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