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[Sims 3] Revealing Gothic Corset

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Revealing Gothic Corset


(afBodyDressTrailingGothic Franken / Fusion / Edit)


For a long time I wasn’t able to make anything in front of CmarNYC boobs, texture nor mesh, because it distorted badly. That’s finally over.


The base textures for this corset came from the base outfit afBodyDressTrailingGothic, I added two color channels and made modification to minimize distortion at the breasts. The rest is a complete new mesh made from two different parts: Cmar boobs and the base nude bottom.



I made a corset with half cups, aka exposed nipples! Two versions available:




afBodyDressTrailingGothic with BarbieBoobs



  • Base Game compatible
  • For YoungAdult and Adult Females
  • Located in the Top category (enable for naked, everyday, formalwear, sleepwear, career and outwear)
  • 3 color channels
  • Polycount: 3300 something
  • Package and sims3package included
  • This version is now compatible with sliders, meaning you can enlarge the breast well enough


  • You shouldn't have any problems combining this top with panties or simple skirts, but some may cause clipping below the hip.
  • There’re some places where the texture and mesh didn´t match very well, you are playing too close to your femsim if you ever notice :P
  • Femsims with very BIG body will show clipping in the inner boobs and behind the back, both are very small spots
  • I minimized texture distortion, but that doesn't mean is completely gone. Solid colors are OK but proceed with caution when using patterns



afBodyDressTrailingGothic with breasts made by CmarNYC


The same




  • Cmar's nipple sliders don't work


--Do whatever you want with this CC, just give credit--








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