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is there a AFT EFF UFO mod?


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i like how aft has all the options and the followers arent so vanilla, i like the depth that eff has, and i like that ufo they actually fight how you want them.


is it possible to combine the script of all 3 to make hybrid mod?


ive discussed it somewhat, but very little with blabba and cell and im just curious if anyone else has tried it yet.


i may be attempting this mod myself, perhaps an adaption of sorts.

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The main thing I use AFT for is the outfit management.  I love the ability to set an adventure, city, and home set of clothing/armors for my followers and have them automatically change to them.  I see that EFF has some sort of outfit management but I could not find documentation about the outfit functionality.  How does EFF's outfit management compare to AFT's?

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