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Breasts and Butts twitch on Interior


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Hello friends, I need help with my current set up.

For some reason the female characters of my skyrim's Breasts and Butts twitch whenever I'm inside building. However, this does not happen if I stand a bit far away towards that character. But if I get too close, their boobs start twitching twitching. Twitch happen with clothes and without clothes, dead and alive. On outside, they bounces fine. Just not inside building and get too close to the character.

What I'm using
CBBE Curvy

Load Order

Link: hastebin(dot)com(slash)nubenigeme(dot)hs

Sorry I can't post URL here, and if I just paste the blocks of text here, it will give me error.


What I've Done
This never happened before, but after I did "mods shopping" two days ago I start getting this,  I have uninstalled this and that mods inside my NMM,
reinstalled HDT, still doesn't seem to fix the issue.

I also used LOOT, issue still exist even after Looted. Any one here can give me pointers on what could have caused this?

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Hi there.


I don't use HDT , but i already got that "issue" with a wrong Skeleton.


So , this issue dissapear when i changed it ,  but  i use a SkullTyran Skeleton not an XP32 one ... and if i remember well , that was a little problem between the SkullTyran version ( Skeleton female nif ) and one of the HKX file ( and this one came from an XP32 mod ...) .


Is that the only issue you get ? Can you move a dead body ( try with a male ,a  female and with a  beast race too ...) ... in my case i could'nt move a male dead body when this issue was there.


So it's just an idea , nothing else , i don't play with Skyrim at this moment and with this computer.



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 I have uninstalled this and that mods inside my NMM,


This thing doesn't tell what mods have conflicts with others.


BTW, OP, if you could get some video recording of it, it'll be a hit.



Finally got it working!

I have uninstalled "all mods" except the patches + Random Alternate Start (9 mods total), and yeah still had the problem. It just twitched inside the buildings, I don't know how to do that, this Skyrim is sooo alt-tab un friendly.


So yeah Groovtama is right, thank you, it seems it seems the hdt xml was the culprit, not the mods/plugins conflict or else. I use this guy hdt breast for all tbbp body and armor (cant post url for some reason) hdt xml and it's all working fine again bouncing bouncing,

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