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Which tools are needed to make armors for skyrim & Convert bodies.


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Hey guys, I have decided to try my hand at actually modding and stuff, but I read that Nifskope is not compatible with 3DS Max 2013. The post was a while ago and could have easily be different now.



So If somebody could just tell me a list of programs I need to be on my way that would be great. If you have any tips or anything that would be nice also thank you!





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To make armor from scratch, you will need either Blender or 3DSMax. There is a free student version for the latter, don't have the D/L url at hand but it should be easy enough to find. I heard that Nightasy tutorials were good, Google that.


To "convert bodies" (I assume that you mean "converting armors to other bodies"), then Outfit Studio is good (find it on Nexus)



Somehow complicated stuff. But it feels good when you make your first usable outfit.


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3ds Max 2012 with the nif Importer/exporter is what I use. And it doesn't hurt to have a basic understanding of Photoshop either.


for beginners I would recommend checking out Nightasy's tutorials on youtube, Hope this helps.


I would second this - go & check out Nightasy's tutorials! The first few will guide you step by step through how to get the programs (3dsMax 2012!!! This is the version to get!), install them, and set them up so that they work correctly. They are especially beginner-friendly, and are ideal if (like me) you have never modded a game before. :)

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If you are looking to convert a armor from 1 body to another you can also use New Clothing Body Style Converter Release Candidate v0.89f (10-26-2014) by Gerra6. http://www.loverslab.com/topic/27557-new-clothing-body-style-converter-release-candidate-v089f-10-26-2014/You can convert one armor from one body to another one it works for fallout new Vegas oblivion and skyrim. It works better if you have matching UV maps. http://www.loverslab.com/topic/24797-mesh-rigger-skyrim-fallout-oblivion-beta89f-10-26-2014/ Then there is Mesh Rigger (Skyrim, Fallout, Oblivion) Beta.89.f (10-26-2014) also from Gerra6 which you can use to add BBP/TBBP to a armor and a lot of other stuff.

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