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Skyrim High resolution textures.


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The title says all. 


I'm having a problem with creating high resolution textures for meshes in skyrim.

They end up blurry as hell, or just the same.


I'm using the Nvidia DDS plugin for photoshop.


So my questions:


1: How do i make High ressolution textures? -Increasing the official Resolution by 2x Equal numbers?


2: with which program/plugins.


Thanks in advance.

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DXT1 is the most basic format, however it's lossy therefore it'll look blurry even at 2048x2048.


DXT5 has some better quality, with an alpha channel. Of course the price that comes with quality is file size.


An A8R8G8B8 .DDS file is completely lossless, no artifacts and the highest quality available; the problem with this version is the large file size and hence, not everyone will be able to use this format because in-game it'll consume memory, both system and video memory; this type is best used sparingly (for super-quality player characters) unless one has a super-high-end gaming beast.

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