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The Asari Race


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Once per month I type this in Google: "Liara Skyrim"


Usually nothing happens but last time I found this:




The author is Me3Fan http://www.loverslab.com/user/143227-me3fan/


This amazing work as the name says puts some Mass Effect characters into Skyrim. The author hasn't opened a support thread so I'm posting here some ideas about it:


1. A playable asari race

2. Asari children using Children of the Sky (You know for those little blue children)


3. Give more depth to Liara's companion adding her sound files rom Mass effect.

4. Related to 3: A rescue mision similar to the first Mass effect, her inexperience in romance...


I'll try to contact the author to share my ideas.

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All assets neded to make a basic asari race are available in that follower mod: face textures fit vanilla UVWs and the "hair" is even included as a separate mesh buuuuuuuuuut it wouldn't work with vanilla heads. To avoid ugly clipping EVERYWHERE someone would have to make a head mesh modified to fit the hair thingies and without ears. If someone could do that I could probablish glue it all together into a playable race.

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