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Considering to mod Oblivion

Buddy Christ

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after having all the fun with a heavily modded Skyrim, I though I might as well mod my Oblivion (grabbing mods and making sure to have them, before they disappear into the Abyss of the internet :) )


I read some of the tutorials here, but I am a bit overwhelmed by the information I get.


Here is what I have done so far:

Installed MO in a different directory from my Skyrim version and set it to Oblivion.

Installed OBSE and it seems to work (not sure how I can see it in game, but the obse.log shows it is working)

Downloaded Qarl Texture Pack III and installed it with MO, but haven't started Oblivion with it yet.


Then it came to selecting a body replacer and finding one I can install with MO.


I often see omods and such stuff, but they are not supported by MO.


Which body should I use for males and females? Do I have to or better, can I (and how) run OMM through MO to install the omods?


Does anyone know good skimpy armor and clothing replacers?


I downloaded some Mods from LL but, I haven't tried installing anything yet, first I want to get the basics up and running, then I can mess around with the next step of installing the Lovers-Mods :)


I am aware, that a lot of my questions are probably answered in the tutorials, but I am a bit dense, when it comes to reading technical instructions with lots of terms that make me go "huh?" ;)


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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MO's Oblivion support is buggy ATM, but having recently gone through all the pain recently to get this up and running, here's a couple of pointers:


1. The default MO method of creating the virtual game directory doesn't work properly with OBSE.  You'll need to goto the workarounds tab in MO's settings and set the load mechanism to script extender.  

2. If you are using the script extender method, you MUST install obse plugins ( i.e. anything in oblivion\data\obse\plugins ) manually.  This is because when running in script extender mode MO itself is a obse plugin, and is loaded after all other obse plugins have been started.  

3. If there is a wrye bash/Bain version of the mod use that instead of the Omod.  

4. MO will crash due to a memory leak if you try to run tes4lodgen within MO ( tes4lodgen is required by some mods for objects in the distance to display properly ).  The workaround is to use the beta version from http://afkmods.iguanadons.net/index.php?/topic/3750-wipz-tes5edit/and run it from MO with the -o flag to place the output somewhere other than MO's overwrite folder.

5. Omods are a pain.  You can run OMM/TMM via MO to install them, but in my experience they keep crashing ( I'm guessing it's the memory leak again).  IMHO, if the omod doesn't have any installer, you're better just to use OMM/TMM on its own to extract the contents into a .7z file and install that via MO directly.  If it does have an installer, I run OMM/TMM separately as well, then move the contents out of my oblivion folder into MO.  Thankfully, the only mod I've had todo this with was Roberts male body.

6. Setup wrye bash within MO so that you can create bash patches.  




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Thank you for the reply :)


Oi, that sounds rather complicated oO

I guess I will have to try it over the weekend and have to remember to copy my unmodded Oblivion folder first, hehe


Any ideas on which body replacers to use? Preferable ones that are best to use with the mods from here :)


I see a weekend of trial and error coming my way *g*


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Body replacer information can be found (with links) in the install instructions for the LAPF.

You can also read this thread: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/8893-installation-guide-with-lovers-mbp-and-wyre-with-bashed-patch/


Thank you, that was the thread that freaked my out ^^

But after some sleep, loads of coffee and cigarettes, I tried to read it again.

My Oblivion is not in C:\Oblivion though, but I guess the main thing about #1 in the Installation Guide is meant to point out that it can not be in Program Files, right?



Which body should I use for males and females? Do I have to or better, can I (and how) run OMM through MO to install the omods?

Don't restrict yourself. Just grab Setbody Reloaded and get all of the HGEC compatible bodies at once.



Great tip, thank you :)


Would you two agree that I should skip using MO for Oblivion and go with the standard installation guide?


(Sorry for still asking stuff that is probably common knowledge for a game as old as Oblivion :blush: )

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