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Cant download sexlab framework.


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Been trying for hours,


Only getting a partial download before it says interrupted or a couple times it said complete but it was not really complete. It will create the 7z but it will only be a partial download so I cant extract.


Now I'm being told I exceeded my bandwidth for the day? .....Huh??


In other words, what's the deal?

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Wait for your bandwidth to not be exceeded for the day so you can try again, or get better internet. Whichever comes first.


There isn't much, if anything else I can do about it right now, if ever. The software isn't perfect and I don't have unlimited bandwidth to give, something for some people is bound to fail between one of those two at some points.

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It's not my bandwidth or connection or anything, I'm pretty sure. I'm still locked out of downloading anything. I did create a new account and got it downloaded but still there's some issue that might want to be addressed.

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