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hello I am tired of waiting for the dark brother hood to try and kill me before I join them I tried spawning the npc but that doesn't make him carry the note I tried to have a mod that helps with random events but it appears it brings its own assassins rather then proper db assassins and I consider that note they carry to be a badge of honor. if I can make the db want to kill me more I will do the same to the thalmor justiculars

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The dark brotherhood quest starts with you doing the aventus aretino quest which you get from the inkeepers tellings after visiting him you have to kill the women in the childcare in rifton and only after you commit your first murder you will get contacted via courier by the dark brotherhood.


Getting assassinated by members of the dark brotherhood wont start anything thats just something npc's start when you harm them then they do the black ritual or whatever its called in english and send assissins to you but that dosen't have anything to doe with the quest.

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I always wait for the assassin to try to kill me so I will have the note in my inventory before I start the quest line because the assassins won't come after that


Killing Joke

thanks for that I had used dfb random encounters

but will try the mod you suggested maybe I can use it to force the db to send one of there assassins carrying a note. just like killing assassins sent to kill me and when they carry documents that prove it lol even better

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After you've killed Grelod, and went back to tell Aventus about the deed, go find a nice place to sleep. You will awaken in the abandoned shack. Getting the note from the courier is totally optional. You don't need it to join the DB. After you've joined the DB of course there are no more assassination attempts made on you. Your posts are confusing however, maybe I misunderstood what you're talking about. Here's the DB quest line for reference.

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I know I have to kill grelod to and talk to the orphan boy in windhelm to start the quest line but I just want the assassin to kill me

its kinda a personal thing to have the note that one of them tried to kill me in my inventory

and after I join the dark brother hood I can never get said note from killing a would be assassin.

so I want to make one of the assassins come after me if I could make them attack at the same rate that wolf packs attack or close to it would be nice


and as far as skyrim is concerned the assassins are a wilderness quest

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I had the creation kit open so had a quick look.


I think you were saying you wanted the assassin note that was to kill you?


That note is WIDBAssasinLetter, used as an alias in WEJS28 quest which is a wilderness encounter quest.


The conditions for WEJS28 in the story manager are DB01 must be complete (Innocence Lost) and player level >= 5.


It's in the story manager under Script Events > WEQuestNode > WERoadQuests


Triggered by any of the WETrigger boxes.

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Guest Plastrader

Aha! I get what you're after now!

You need to be very nasty and evil, kill rob and maim innocent people and you'll have NPC's sending assasins for you like flies.

i.e. play as an assasin yourself, without being in the Dark Brotherhood.


Happy hunting!

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