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Sexlab and Mod Organizer issues. - Solved.

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Gopher just released a new video on MO that solved the issue for me, it can be found here




Hello there folks,


I have read through the FAQ and through the troubleshooting guide and studied someone who had a similar problem and looked for the various solutions suggested, such as the Vcomp100.dll file needed.


I have essentially two issues:


1: No animations are playing, tested it out on a troll (papyrus 1) but also tested it on a normal guy on girl situation where McPenisTest and Saadia where happily showing me their sounds but no action (this was done with Sexlab defeat).


2: MO gives me a warning message if I put Sexlab in the load order after SOS, but if I don't do this then Sexlab gives me the papyrus warning that my Papyrus is outdates, this can be fixed by simply downloading and putting in the papyrus as a seperate mod after SOS, but that does not change the conflict in that I would like to be able to resolve it without adding the Papyrus after the other mods.


And some questions:

When launching the game via mod organizer it insists on doing so in a different size than my monitor (this was fixed by creating a profile, but I would like to know what caused it, so that I might grow smarter about it, I suspect its because I attempted to run Skyrim originally through the MO before I had allowed the game to set my graphics settings via the steam launcher.


I believe i've installed everything needed and in the right order, I have run LOOT, I have run the FNIS update tools, I launch the game via SKSE etc.


I hope some of you will be able to provide me with some help and should I have missed the answer elsewhere then I most sincerly apologize for wasting your time.


Yours sincerly




The logs attached are respectively McPenisTest to see if the issue was isolated to beasts (papyrus0) and Troll testing. There is also some minor difference in the load order according to the left and right side of the MO, so I included both.

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