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Animation Problems Lovers Pk

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LAPF Animation are made for Player/NPCs with Body height 1.

If a High Elf with height 1.1 fucks a a Breton female with hight 0.95 the mouth or vagina is not in the right Position.

You can use the keys to fix the postion. See LAPF page Question: Help! Why don't my animations line up?

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Thanks for your quick reply. ^^ 


I went onto the suggested thread and tried the following things:

Pressed number keys 1-4, 9 or 0 to fix alignment. 

This did relocate and adjust the position of the penis into the "target" however, when the animation proceeded onto the next step,

(e.g. standing blowjob to sitting blowjob), the penis would miss the "target" once more. 

Also, I noticed after realigning with the numbers, the penis would go through the woman's neck and appear visible outside of it... (is the penis too big?)


(the [ and U keys did not have any effect at all.)


Are there any more possible alignment fixes/patches that will solve this issue? 

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Load the Oblivion.esm in Constrution set.

Then open the races and set male and female height to 1

Then click save, and a new esp will be created, you must enter a Name (e.g. race  height fix)

In the load order the new esp must be below all esp which change races.



If you use Wrye Bash and you have a Bashed patch you can change the races in the Bashed Patch


And your custom race Mods: load in Constructuion Set and change the height.


You can also use Tes4Edit.

-Custom race Mods: load esp and change race height.

-Oblivion races: load Oblivion.esm, open races, use "copy as overwrite into", A new esp will be created ( Give it a Name ), in the new esp change the race height.


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I opened Construction set and selected oblivion,esm from the data, pressed ok and went into the list of files...


Under the npc there were the various races. When I clicked on each race I was met with a flood of information listing the individual names of every npc.


In the end, I could not find how to alter the height :((


Im a big noob. Im really new to the modding community as you can see, this is my first thread. (sorry) 


Will you please guide me through the whole process, i would be eternally grateful :))

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1: load Oblivion.esm

2: click "Character" then "Race"

3: choose one race after another and change the male and female height

4: click "File" and "Save" ( or save as, and choose ESP )



The same with your custom races Mods/esp.


Edit: If you use a Oblivion race overhaul or a Oblivion race beautification Mods ( e.g. a Mod that adds more hair to all Oblivion races) you must change the races in that esp, or all the changes/beautifications/hair are gone.

The data from the lowest esm/esp in the load order which contains races is used in the game !

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