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Is it possible to have Sexlab work with a custom race, say for example if I created a custom wolf race. This race would for all intents and purposes be just like the wolf race (same skeletons, skins etc.) with only a few minor value tweaks. But it would be a separate race. When I tested this, the actor of the new race wouldn't animate during Sexlab started animations. In fact the other actor began a solo animation. Does Sexlab look for keywords?


I'm guessing custom races would also cause problems with mods like MNC.


Would it be a better option to use custom races and just assign the normal race before the animation call, switching it back afterwards?

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NPC Races look for the ActorTypeNPC keyword, which is default on regular humanoid actors.

If that keyword is missing, SexLab will look at what the editor id name of the race is, for a vanilla wolf creature this would be "WolfRace" and then looks at all the creature animations for one that says it has that race id in it. If it does and creature animations are enabled, that creature will use that animation.

So to add a custom creature race to sexlab, you need to pull all the vanilla races sexlab animations, which can be done by looping through SexLab.CreatureAnimations[], checking each if it Animation.HasRaceID("WolfRace") then AddRaceID("MyCustomWolfRace")

To be more clear-

int i = SexLab.CreatureAnimations.Length
while i
	i -= 1
	sslBaseAnimation Animation = SexLab.CreatureAnimations[i]
	if Animation.HasRaceID("WolfRace")

would loop through all creature animations and add a custom wolf race id to any animation that has the wolf attached to it. 

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