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Sexout + TTW guide ?

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I would like to install TTW but if I understand correctly TTW is very restrictive for compatible mods. If someone has experience with TTW I would like to know wich Sexout mods work with it (and if possible what kind of other mods).



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All of them do. Since TTW compatibility ends at the question "Is this a Fallout 3 mod?" if so it will have to be converted. If not, then its a FNV mod and it doesn't need to be.

TTW is a FNV mod, Sexout is a FNV mod, so they work together. Mods like Sexout Sex that add dialog to npcs so you can have sex with them, work for all npcs regarless if they are in the capital wasteland or Mojave. Mods like Sexout Tryout that make specific npcs have dialog only works for those NPCs. Mods with the TTWs tag on this site add sex options to the Capital wasteland similar to Sexout Consequences.


TTW site and Nexus both have TTW mods. But Lovers Lab is the only place you will find TTW Sexout mods. Easy to find since you only have to search "TTW".

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 The TTW makers say to start with a fresh install of New Vegas if you want it to work correctly.

 I copied my entire New Vegas data folder to a spare drive before the fresh install, and then 

moved all the data back after I had TTW working and moved the esp and esm files back gradually.

This covers weapon and clothing mods just fine; the more complex mods I reinstalled, using

TTW versions where available. The only two New Vegas mods that haven't worked were A.J.'s Alice mod

and a haunted house mod.

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