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Lovers noobie

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Hey yall I have always wanted to get Lovers with PK working properly,  but it's not just installing it that is the problem it's how to use it?  I have used xlovers many times and love it to death.  So is Lovers like that?  Do I just pick a random person or companion and cast something on the them?  I am so confused when I come and look at this stuff so I usually don't,  but I'd like to make sexier pics and animations and videos with it,  but first I gotta understand how to use it.  Hard to just jump into the game with a bunch of spells and things and not even know where to begin.


Anyone willing to kinda tutor me on this stuff?  I know that's asking a lot,  but I am willing to work my butt off to support this section of mods once I get the hang of it.  :D

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Using it is even simpler than installing it.  The LAPF works off of spells for the PC.  You install plugins like LoversRaperS and pick the rape spell from the spell list and use the cast button to cast it when you are close to NPC.


Joburg also contains spells that you can cast from a distance to make NPC's diddle themselves or get raped by whoever\whatever is around them.


Adultplay plus contains dialogue that you can instigate sex with pretty much anyone in the game once your disposition is high enough with them (other than enemies of course).  You can even seduce the married........although that is MUCH harder and requires you to pester them quite a bit.


That is just a quick tip of what is possible and the three major plugin's.


And now for some sex:  http://www.naughtymachinima.com/video/7564/in-game-movie

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I am also quite new at this. First post, to be honest.


I have noticed some things in my Adult Play Plus esp that I would like to fix, but the TES CS won't let me. I think that is because it was put together with OBSE, but I don't seem to be able to get that running at the same time as the CS to let me edit the esp. Any tricks to that? (Name says it all except that I am also a bit atechnical).


Mainly that when flirting with a married chick, she is very concerned about not getting caught or having someone find out, but when I break down her resistance, we have to go at it right there- no option to "go somewhere more private." I found what option in the quest dialogue thingee that should be but ain't, but since there is an OBSE call function, the CS will not let me fix it (Goes back to previous paragraph)


Then there is the married women list. During the course of many hours playing, some of them are now widows. Others were never even married. I found the list where these are listed (conditions) but again due to a call function not in CS, I can't fix/update the list.


And I was experimenting with the Sleeper Sex option. Interesting. But now, whenever my PC is boning that chick (even when wide awake on the beach) the dialogue is stuck in sleeper mode. Anyway to wake it up?


Thanks for any and all help. 


And sorry about being so late to the party.


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Thanks again, fejeena.


I got CSE62 working, and managed to edit the married list. The widows no longer reject out of hand, and the one who has since married (I have an active fantasy thing going on) now needs cajoling and seduction to bed.


I still haven't figured out the sleep thing, but I guess that will clear itself out eventually.


Also, does anybody out there know where the dialogue in Adult Play Plus is? Not the Topics and such- I can find those- but the stuff said during sex. I have a few things I would like add, and a few that need corrections. I tried exporting all the dialogue and searching through that, but failed. Any ideas?

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Running into problems again.


The Load CSE progam relies on .NET 4 and is giving me conniptions because I only have 3.5 and no ability to upgrade.


Is there a version that does not require 4.0?


EDIT: Never mind, I went back and re-read fejeena's link and found that the older version does not require 4.0. Off to try that now...

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So I finally corrected that annoying "I think we should go out seperate ways" typo. Now it shows up as 'separate'. I renamed some of the positions to something more like what my character would actually say, and added the "follow me" to every reply that leads to sex, so that the poor woman doesn't have to spread her legs in virtual public any more.


So far so good.


But I have not been able to find the words said during the acts. Some are atrociously misspelled "I am cuming!" while others I feel not suitable to the style I wish my character to portray. Plus other things I would rather the recipient say. I think they may be attached as combat dialogue based on the position (head jobs have different texts that the rest), but I cannot find anything.


Anybody have any tips?


Oh, and Happy Holidays!


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