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Clean Install - advice on where to go from here?


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Greetings all and thank you for taking the time to read my post.


Long story short, after two months of experimenting with modding, I seem to have mixed something up somewhere and messed my physics during animations entirely up. the best advice in that instace when you dont know what exactly is wrong is to start completely over and that's where we are.


SO SKSE, FNIS, SKYUI are in place. After(or before, you tell me) I install unofficial patches and some other quest and graphical content for town and cities etc, I need to know... When does Sex Lab,Sex Lab Romance, Zaz Animations and Schlongs of Skyrim, papyrusutil27 need to be put in so that there are no issues with BBP physics once I achieve universal female body in UNP/UNPB-BBP format?


With that being asked, how exactly do I achieve UNP/UNPB/UNPB-BBP format with the skinny body so that there are some realistic looking lore friendly pretty NPC's and also the occasional bigger racks as well. Hair, eyes, skins, physics, BBP compatible clothing, armor with this format and when to install which exact skeleton so that physics can be seen whether they are walking, running, or involved in mod animations? And I achieved this once before so I know it can be done, but would like to know exactly how I did it but when the female body and skeleton, skins, textures, armors and everything are achieved, when do you install the followers(like YuiH has AMAZING followers) so that they will all also have the features as well? (hopefully his new set of followers as well?)


I'm pretty good with a list of links and if they are in itemized order, I can achieve the wisdom you share with me. I just dont want to get lost in lists of links and then not sure what to or not to overwrite, what to say yes or no to etc. That is where I get lost and things dont work.


Any and all advice and wisdom is completely appreciated and thank you!!



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Star with Mod Organizer:



Then install all the additional program you could use, depending on your profile, and make them work inside Mod Organizer, I would recommend you these programs.


LOOT (load order manager)






Wrye Bash



After you manage to install those 3, and make them work perfectly with MO, you will have the perfect base to start modding. If you want some more advice, I'd recommend you some optimized textures (if you dont want to do that job by yourself)



Vanilla + DLC (Standard OR compatible resolution with Bethesda Hi-Res DLC Optimized)



Bethesda Hi-Res DLC Optimized


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Stable uGrids,Safety Load and ENBoost(if you don't use a good ENB) are a must if you want to keep that new installation nice and stable.




As for the body variety you are searching for,the Realistic Body System mod can do exactly that. It is a real bug bear to install,though. Not to worry,as the Read-Me file that comes with it and the mod page will help to explain it to you step by step.


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