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Well problem with fomm and sexout

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Well i installed the full sexout plugins and anims and started it yesterday but only some of the sexout plugins are working the other mod pludings arent starting ingame but they showed up in the mod configuariton.


i think i didnt use the exact mod manager , i use nexus mod manager , but i think it is only compatible with skyrim. New vegas fomm manager doesnt work for me it shows me a crashdump like this in it :


Fomm 0.13.21

OS version: Microsoft Windows NT 5.1.2600 Service Pack 3


System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an object instance.

bei Fomm.PackageManager.ModInstallLog.InstallLog.InitMods()

bei Fomm.PackageManager.ModInstallLog.InstallLog.Load()

bei Fomm.PackageManager.ModInstallLog.InstallLog..ctor()

bei Fomm.Program.Main(String[] args)


So the mods are used in nexus mod manager. but they didnt really work with it. i think fomm is more important for this.


Also another problem is that the body replacer of the females arent working too. they shown some strange textures like a black string on ass and yea you know...


Latest patch is installed cause its the Steam version of new vegas.


Thanks for any help to solve this weird problem.

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maybe the archive invalidation of the nexus mod manager doesnt work , maybe only on the fomm manager. i didnt know it i want to deinstall nexus mod manager but after this my skyrim mods are down ^^.




Edit : i have installed the most of the mods manually , only The mod configuartion menu and that Hud thing is with fmod installed. the rest is manually.

I will risk it.

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Not all mods work if you just install them with a mod manager' date=' sometimes you have to do it manually.



Any mod you want to install that won't directly install with FOMM is easy to turn into a "FOMOD ready" archive.


Follow the mod instructions, but copy all the files into a new data directory somewhere else instead of the fallout data directory. When you're done, zip up that data directory and install the zip with FOMM.


I install all my mods this way except NVSE, since FOMM seems to not want to install DLLs -- something I intend to fix while hacking on it to add skyrim support and other features.

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