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Color-Changing Pubic Hairs

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I remember DorkDiva released 3d pubic hairs that changed colors along with the hair.  If I remember correctly, the pubic hairs kept resetting whenever reloading a save or restarting the game.  Was that ever fixed?


I tried searching for the post, but no luck.  Does anyone have the link or latest files?  I sent a pm to DorkDiva, but I thought it would not hurt asking the community also.




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there are other versions for 3D pussy hair, but I do not like the colors associated.


Auto-unequipping 3D meshed female pubic hair (CBBE)



Cubic Hair 3D for BodySlide PP by EliteCheat



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I'm using Pubic hair overlays, but I see your point. My characters pubes are iridescent in darkness. thinking of suggesting pubic torch overlay.


this pussy hair see, for me very artificially made​​, as if they were painted on. you can recognize the very bad hair structure.

I would say this looks like this hair much better.





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