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[Req] Underwear that auto-equips after uniquipping armor


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Has this been done before? I've looked around quite a bit for something like this in the past and I've never found anything that quite fits my need. Every discussion that I've found talked about one thing, how using a slot for underwear might create conflicts. I'm hoping this can be done without filling a slot. What I want is simple, I think: Have underwear that will auto-equip when unequiping armor that is "over" it. I'm not experienced with modding(creating) at all, but from what I've seen I think and hope this could be done. Maybe there could be designated clothes and bra + panties or better yet an mcm that will allow you to select which armor you want to set as "underwear," or more than likely some even better solution I don't know about. I don't want underwear that I have to equip myself every time I take my armor off. Maybe you think it's petty, but I think it adds a little immersion and makes the game a little less tedious. To be completely specific, when you take off the armor, I'd rather it not go from armor - naked - underwear, just from armor - underwear. The underwear is not acutally on undernearth the armor, let me make myself clear, it will be auto-equiped upon taking off the armor. If this has already been done, please let me know asap :) Just let me know what you guys think, this has been high on my want list since I started playing skyrim.

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I found this during a similar quest a while back: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/23817/?


It's unfinished though, and it's not compatable with any custom bodies that I'm aware of. But it sounds like this is what you're talking about.


Yeah I found that myself a while back as well, can't remember what was wrong with it but it wasn't what I was looking for, thanks anyway though. This is effectively a bump btw. Even if you can't do this yourself, if you know if it is possible and how hard it would be to create that'd be good to know as well.

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