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  1. Yeah, I have nioverride.pex from RaceMenu, as well as the skse files.
  2. Nope, I use ECE, main reason why I want Slavetats. I'm using the latest version of all the requirements, but they still don't appear on my character's body when I apply them on the MCM.
  3. WHAAAT I wasn't aware leaving touch marks like that was possible????!??? Amazing!
  4. Ah, oh well. Thinking of switching over to RLO, do you recommend it? Currently using ELFX.
  5. The textures look great. Still feel like it's missing some vein popping action on the legs. The arms look great though! Or does the ENB used have a huge effect on this?
  6. I've tried reinstalling everything and still no results. I'm guessing I have an incompatibility in my mod list. Here's my load order: and here's my modlist:
  7. Woops! I got confused cause I didn't have internet access for two days 😂 Hopefully this is the correct quote... How do you increase the power for the subsurfacescattering (make the veins and scars pop) in your screenshots? They look pretty realistic and I'm amazed! Could I also ask what ENB you're using?
  8. Also, I'm curious as to what ENB you're using in those screenshots, I like how they make the texture's veins pop! Tried the textures by the way, thank you for your work!
  9. Thanks! I'll give it a try Did you convert them by manually repositioning the textures?
  10. If what you mean is the "Physics" outfit in the "[StirFriedNoodles] Tenderness by gmlg CBBE SE.osp" file: I accidentally put a "Physics" outfit in the Non-Physics OS project. I fixed it by removing the corresponding <SliderSet> section for that outfit entirely. I saved the actual outfit with physics in another .osp file. Otherwise, if that wasn't what you meant by your post, then I'm not quite sure what it is. I tested the bodyslides for the outfits and they seem fine for me.
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