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Whore/prostitute mod?


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I'm looking for a good mod that just allows me to sell my char body either for free or for money by just going up to any person and asking. And when I say sell, I mean for sex (not slavery :P). Something like radiant prostitution tweaked mod, but without having the working for a inn. And I know there's a way in RP tweaked mod to not restrict it to the inn, but I still would like a mod that's just for this. Is there?


EDIT: Please excuse my ignorance I didn't see the "does this exist" thread.

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I've tried a few differnt prostitution mods myself. The one I'm currently running is Radient Prostitution Tweaked, I like it not so much for the dialog, but for the over all concept because I find it to be a little more realistic/convenient despite the OCCASIONAL bugs. The quests you can unlock via your promoter/pimp (Inn keeper in any town or Inn) are creative, it turns every female NPC in Skyrim wearing the Bar Maid Wench outfit into a whore (which gets entertaining with mods that add additional wenches into Skyrim), plus you get to whore your character out to a bunch of giants!... if you're into that sort of thing.


TDF Agressive Prostitution was good too, as you become the madam or pimp (if you're a male), it has allot of cool features; you can pimp your character out for coin, or pimp other NPCs or you follower out for coin, the mod also gives you the ability to have several whores "on the clock" at the same time as well, the mod also allows you to offer your services (via yourself or one of your whores) to mechants and doing so will cause them to give you discounted prices on goods which is pretty nice (especially if you're running a mod like Cutthroat Merchants, to ballance things out and actually give your character a reason to be a whore), also as stated before you can have your character or your whores dance for gold, and you can also have your whores train with you, another whore, or by themselves, which will allow them to make more gold, some of the dialog in TDF could use a little work though.


Working Girl is pretty good, it's more abusive towards the player via dialog and also sexual situations than the other mods I've seen, it allows you to unlock new sex tecniques the more you preform certian acts (if I'm thinking of the right mod) which in turn allows you to earn more coin which is a pretty cool concept, also with Working Girl having sex with merchants can lower the prices of goods (if memory serves), over all Working Girl is good if you're into degrading your female character either verbally or phisically.


SexLab Guild wasn't that good in my opinion, it lacks any kind of noticable plot or pourpose, not to mention the headquarters couldn't be in a more inacessable and remote spot (which I guess is kind of the point), I would classifiy it as largely unfinished, I wouldn't waste my time with that one, but that's just my opinion. However that mod does have its fan base, so there must be something there I'm just not seeing.


(To any grammar Nazies out there, I'm sure there is probably all kinds of spelling errors and everything else in this, Spell Check seems to be broken for me.)

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