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An important question about ENB pre-and-post usage

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Hi guys, I just wanted to ask something about using ENB.


For information, I'm going to state my system:


Core2Duo E7500 @ 2.93GHz


Win 7 32-bit Ultimate

HD6950 2GB GDDR5 256bit IceQX


Everything at stock clocks and Skyrim with all dlcs at the latest patch.


After I first installed and played Skyrim on this rig, I was able to play everything on Ultra (launcher self-assessed).


Everything was fine, smooth, armor mods were mostly my thing so I never really had anything that added complicated stuff.


Now I've tried using an ENB seeing as when I played the game before it was great and smooth, but lacked colors pleasing enough for me.


I found myself meddling with a few effects settings on the ENB like turning on DOF or reflections to squeeze out performance. Of course, I followed every instruction in using it and it worked well if not for the massive 20fps drop to my 60fps stable.


Later on, I've decided to remove the ENB, manually picking off everything I installed with it (I made a list so no problem with that, put back any stuff I backed-up pre-ENB). Loaded my game and returned to launcher settings.


Everything was going fine until BAM! My pc starts random BSODs within gameplay varying at long and short gameplay degrees.


I seemingly fixed the issue now by turning off FXAA, fade object details, Anisotropic filtering and AA on the launcher. I also set the game to windowed and am now relying on CatalystControlCenter AF(x16) and AA(2x Multisampling).


I can't seem to go back to the previous vanilla settings I had anymore without BSOD. Did ENB break my game/pc? FYI I used True Vision ENB. Has anyone ever had this kind of issue after coming back from using ENB?

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Have you try to delete\move (but make a backup first) your \documents\mygames\skyrim\ skyrim.ini and skyrimprefs.ini files (NOT the ones in skyrim data folder), after removing all the ENB files then go to skyrim launcher, options, graphic adapter & resolution, then select a profile and run the game? This will revert any changes to vanilla default, assuming you have deleted all files correctly.


Note: if you use a mod manager (NMM), make a mod load order backup first to avoid Skyrim Launcher mess up your load order.


As an ENB surely improves the game play experience it his highly recommended you always use one adequate for your gaming taste and PC specs but, at least for me, it is a WIP, because there is always something to tweak and improve - so don't quit ENB yet.


I'll recommend you to read this Mod description, FAQ and topic 5 (not to install, just to read for now) and then give a go at this ENB here for basic visual improvements or this one here (my current favorite one, very performance-wise), this one is also if you like to keep it simple or, if you have an high-end machine, this one is arguably the best you can get.

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Yes, I did a vanilla setting reset via deleting old .ini files on my document and having the vanilla launcher reinitialize them. The problem actually happened after I started playing again without any ENB whatsoever. I even cleared stray scripts on my save using a good save tool which I've been using before and have proven effective. The only thing that stopped the crashing was turning off those stuff I mentioned on the vanilla launcher and having to rely on my gpu driver AF and AA settings.

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