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Weird breasts behaviour


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Hello guys,

there are spikes coming out of my back when in sneak and the breasts are like absolutely positioned. I'm using UNP body and this happened after i've installed 01_OPTION_UNPB_HDT_WillChangeYourBody_AradiaDDIntegrated



For some stupid reason i get error message when i try and post a longer post here  that i'm not allowed to post links, have no clue why.


Please help me!


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You might want to head on over to:


You're not the only one who is (and has) suffered from this.




Something similar happened to me, using UNP.

Tell me... when you crouch, do spikes come out of your back? (might not work for you... I was using crawl on all fours as sneak animation when it happened)

Or when you move forward, do the breasts seem to push even further into the body?

Do strange things happen to the breasts when you jump?



p.s. Attached images count as links for this.

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