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Immersive First Person Messed up by newest SL Update


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It appears with the newest update of SL to 1.59b, When using IFPV, looking left and right during sex animations causes your entire body to slide to the said direction, messing up the animation. Can anyone help me with this, or does there need to be a fix for it?

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I haven't noticed this myself but I've only been in IFPV a couple times since 1.59b and may have missed it.  Are you using the IFPV  for sexlab add on that is in the download section?


Actually, no, I'm using the one from the nexus, it's been updated for some time. But..

Can't remember the exact name of the option in IFPV, but disable the "turn character where you you look" option in the IFPV profile you use during Sex.

Thanks, Ashal! Didn't think the fix would be so simple. xD

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