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Are there any modding tutorials for Lovers with PK?


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I have a few mod ideas running about in my head and I'm wondering if there are any tutorials/information repositories for someone unfamiliar with the inner workings of lovers mods? For example what sort of scripts start the sex acts, what functions call what animations etc. Also what tools do I need apart from the CS?


I did a bit of a look around / search but nothing came up, maybe I am just incompetent :)

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Actually, no, currently lovers system isn't quite well documented. Folks seem to be using the original japanese docs which are old and partially incorrect (due to past version ups), and figuring out themselves whenever needed. Tamago & Hiyoko are relatively fine, but LAPF and LC aren't. We definitely need to make a complete api for the new LAPF system.


Lovers with PK 1.4.1REV89 Readmes.7z


This may help you a bit. Note, keep in mind that machine translation between japanese-english isn't too reliable. I more trust my own short japanese for making sense of them, that's a lot better. To read that you need to open them with the shift-jis character set. Those docs contain references for functions, events, token uses, and about editing anim inis as well but ini-editing is no use now. functions and others are still mostly compatible, but you may need to ask around about the way how to set position in the latest LAPF system.


For your other questions, you really don't need other tools save for CS/CSE unless you want to mess with animations (which would be welcomed, btw).


To learn how to invoke the sexual intercourse, LoversAdultPlayPlusforSSP might be the best example (see xLoversAdultPlayStart and xLoversAdultPlayStartItemScript). The level of complexity of your sex script may vary depending on how much you want. It can be very simple, or can be a bit longer than what is in the adult play ssp plugin.


I haven't had much interests in creating LAPF dependent plugins myself, though. Other people might help you with more accurate informations.

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I have both obse and pluggy installed. It complains about having to run obse as an admin and when i set it to run as admin the CSE crashes on startup. I'm gonna try the CSE51 version next. I also have win8 so that might be the problem. The ordinary TES CS opens normally so there's something funny with myu CSE install.

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Where on your hard drive are you running them from? That reads like the default location and you are always going to run into the admin requirement, User Account Control (UAC), which is often bad for anything that needs to change or create files, but especially Oblivion stuff.


You can of course change your User Account Control (UAC) level but that is NOT recommended. It opens up your programs folder to being change by nefarious malware, viruses and other crap.


It's recommended to find a location other than default to set it up from. I personally use another hard drive altogether. Another option is to partition your hard drive, if you only have one and it's large enough. EaseUS Partition Master helps to do that fairly easily, even for non-technical users. And there's a free version.

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