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So after playing through oblivion more times (both modded and unmodded) than I would care to count. I figured I would give Skyrim a try and well I am currently undergoing mod overload.  I only have a mid range laptop so I cant really afford to go overboard with the millions of mods on offer hell just with the number I am looking at currently I am seriously confusing myself. 


So I was wondering what the general loverslab population would recommend both of the naughty and otherwise variety for this BDSM lover here. Just to help me narrow down my choices. Thank you in Advance ;).




PS If anyone has already asked something like this my apologies had a quick scan of forum and didn't clock anything.



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Lovers Lab Framework and it's requirements are a must


I find the Devious Devices line pretty good. Though I am getting angry at cursed loot.. Always at the wrong time ..BAM... and it is no picnic walking across skyrim to get back to my home to make a key...while blindfolded....

in the Devious devices realm you want to grab

Devious  Devices and its requirements

Captured Dreams

Devious Devices - integration

Devious Devices - Submit

Devious Devices - Cursed Loot

Devious Devices - Aridias mod.. Not sure the name but, it adds 3 types of armor 2 craftable and one added to the cursed loot.

Basically all the Devious Devices that you might enjoy .. Here is a list



You may also like

SD+  Or at the very least a mod called Sacrifical Spriggin ( dont use with SD+ As they are not comptable..as far as I know ..)

Zaz prison Overhaul is good as well.




as for non ...kink... I am not sure what exactly you are looking for.

I use many mods so ... Here are a few that I like

Art of Magicka - Located on Nexus

Climates of Tamrial - Might not be good if you are trying to limite mods though...-Skyrim Nexus

Convient Horses - Really improves on the horse

Realistic Needs and disease ( make sure to patch in Aroused ) - Skyrim Nexus

private Needs - Poo, bath and Beyond! ...well by beyond I mean pee -it is floating around here on LL

Frostfall - Hypothermia type mod.. Very neat though it makes hanging out in the north a bit of a challange... - Found on Skyrim Nexus

Wet and Cold  - improves some features of frostfall ... - Skyrim Nexus

Wet and Cold holiday - Adds holidays! Need Wet and Cold to work properly - Skyrim Nexus

Vampirc Thirst by Ms Leeches -Skyrim Nexus and Loverlab Just make sure to get the dawnguard version

Slave Tats - This mod is actually awesome and can be used for many of its packs - Here on Loverslab

Arachnephobia by Ms leeches - Makes spiders scary... - Lovers Lab

Become A bard - This mod is actually pretty nice .. specially all the songs it adds - there is a link for a non steam download so you dont need to worry...

I also use several fully voiced Followes such as Sofia, Vilj or whatever and a couple others. I can give specifics if you want em ( look up the names)


Ultimately though, we kinda need to know what non ...bdsm mods you are leaning towards..


hope this helps ...

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Thank you it does help massively.


For the non kink mods,some new quest/factions are always fun to have and the weather and general immersion are mostly the other top priorities and maybe some general weapons/armor mods I do always enjoy playing as a thief.


As for the rest of the loverslab stuff. A few good sexlab compatible quests and some general tweaking mods. But again with a good base I can look through it all myself on this site with a bit of time. 

Also should probably mention  I used Nephenee13 clothing and armor mods with the DMRA body set throughout most of my oblivion play-through however having a quick look through it appears that CBBE is the most widely used body mod for Skyrim is there a similar style clothing and armor overhaul for skyrim?

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Well, for the nonadult / non-kink mods I would suggest you to look at STEP (Bugfix and Optical Stuff, also includes ENB and things like that) and GEMS (Immersion and Gameplay).


For adult mods, first of all I would say you overhaul the bodies: For female there are so many, CBBE, UNP(B ), 7B, ... just your taste. CBBE and UNP(B ) are the most common ones. Then Schlongs Of Skyrim for males and More Nasty Critters for animals. The last thing should be a custom skeleton, XPMSE is very good (search for Skeleton Extended on this site).


Now, SexLab Framework is essential, the there are some good addons, SL Defeat, SL Prison Overhaul, SL Dangerously Nude for more rough sex, SL Submit, SL Spouces Enhanced or SL Radiant Prostitution Tweaked for less rough are well done ones.


For BDSM look for Devious Devices, DD Assets, Integration and Expansion are essential, then there also are some very nice addons, DD Cursed Loot, DD Cptured Dreams Shop, Deviously Helpless, ... there is a list linked in a higher post.


And never forget to double check all the requirements of your installed mods, you get a CTD if you lag even a single one. But once installed this requirement is checked for all mods that need it ;)

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Well there are at least two player made Continents that you could get... Can't remember the name off hand... cause I have modded my game and dont feel like going through and looking for patches for each mod to see if it is compatible....( might do it after I beat the game though )


I use UNPB myself. However, CBBE is VERY popular so its pretty much a matter of taste.

- UNPB, this installer has everything you need except a good skin texture ( the one it has hsn't bad but... ya)


- You will need to install this before the unpb installer in order to be able to drag corpses etc around...




Finding a good skin texture was the hardest part for me, I always ended up with seams and neck issues. If you go UNPB and find you have a discolored match up... there is a normal map you can download on the nexus that might fix it. I will see if I can find it later if you need it.


I use several mods from the GEMS site.. I have come ot believe GEMS only endorses decent mods :P


Live an Alternate Life Mod is nice, and it would allow you to get Live a Diviant life mod here on nexus... Immerslave isn't updated so don't bother getting it...

if this is your first time playing skyrim though...this mod still allows you to play the original intro .. just select I was caught crossing the border.



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Can I just check something there is no way to use to body mods at the same time (CBBE and UNPB) as I'm not going to lie the UNPB looks better in terms of the clothing/ style if you get what I mean but I have started with the CBBE. Is the only way round it to re-download everything?

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Like you've said, they are not compatible, so you have to redownload at least everything, that depends on body types. I think SexLab just has u little checkbox in its MCM Menu, so there is no problem.


But everything that changes or adds clothing has to be redownloaded for the other bodytype.

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