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Weird neck gap issue


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So I have a weird neck gap on all my female characters that I have no idea how to get rid of.





There is one way to fix it, by going in to RaceMenu and in the enhanced settings I can change anything wich causes a slight freeze for one sec and that fixes it, but it's back everytime I re-load a save.





It may be an issue with RaceMenu and CharGen, because I always get this message on startup.




Thanks in advance! :)



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Well, I would say try to do what the message tells you: using LOOT and then double check that CharacterMakingExtender.esp is BEFORE racemenu.esp


Yeah, I've tried putting CharacterMakingExtender.esp below and above RaceMenu, even tried loading it first of all esp files but with no luck. I just tried putting it at the bottom because i found another thread saying it should be low, not high, but my game crashed when I did that. :(

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