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Devious Devicees Arm 1

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what does this do?

I want to try let (DD) have defense value and can enchant.



Display and locking function, I have no problems in my test time.


may be still have a problem!



backups your save.


When you equip a (DD) of your inventory presents another is equipped. Item reference reserved for scripts interaction. This should not appear in your inventory. Check your Devious Devices mod configuration. Enchant this equipment can affect your Player state don't worry about it.that arm the weight is 0,after remove equipment it will disappear.






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I read the description but I have still no idea what this mod actually does.


Change arm and can enchant? The mod can't use forge table, stepping in pit? wha? :s 


This doesn't make any sense. I suspect you are not a native english speaker who has trouble with the english language so I won't judge you or anything but the description could use some tweaking. 

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I took a look at it with tes5edit, as I too was confused by the description.


From the looks of it, it adds some armour rating to many devious devices. By 'arm' he means 'armour', the post makes more sense if you reread it realising that. It also removes the magicdisallowenchanting keyword from many of them. It also assigns items as either light or heavy armour.

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  • 2 months later...

Used the only enchant version.


Tocken are just created next the real item. So when enchanted DDgear is unlock (or is changed of bag), "pseudo-enchantement" is destroyed. And need to be worn for enchant it.

Logic issue, but interessing to know it.


But more interesting, It's allowing new mecanics : oportunity to change enchants, and penalty for removing DDgears.


An other issue : all DDgears don't seemed enchantable : don't found DDponyboots in enchant station.


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