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Changing textures and question about femalehead.nif


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I have begun that slippery slope of messing around with textures. Fortunately I'm using MO so I don't screw anything up that I can't fix by unchecking a box, however...


I have a question about trying to add textures from texture mods that want me to change the femalehead.nif. I'll use SG textures for CBBE as an example. My body is from the new BodySlide 2.1. Using CBBE HDT body (which is actually CT77's body with some refinements apparently). XPMSE 2.06 skeleton (if that even matters).


What effect does changing the femalehead.nif have? Will it change the shape of my character's head? My assumption (and I hate assuming things) was that the requirement for changing the head mesh was to ensure the textures "fit" properly and blended to the torso mesh as the author intended. Which STILL makes me wonder why I need to change a head mesh. Are there different sized head meshes? If I spend time creating a beautiful Succubus character (for example), I'd hate to install a texture that requires a different head mesh and find that it altered her appearance.


Can someone shed some light on this for me please?


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Yes changing the head mesh would change the shape of your character's head, though maybe there is more stuff to take into account like morphs and head parts.


Anyway SG textures for CBBE doesn't include a femalehead.nif, at least the main file.


It doesn't include a head nif because she wants you to use the one from ECE. Originally she had ECE as a requirement, but she explained that if you use RaceMenu, you can just pull the femalehead.nif from ECE and paste it into the proper location(s). 


And, yes, all those different head parts .... could be an issue, maybe especially for me, since I don't really know what they all do or how the female-MR-POTATO-head pieces all fit together. :)


Nice thing about MO... all I waste is time if I really mess something up. UNcheck a box and all my screw-ups go away... hehehe

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