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2 Problems caused by ENB, need help!


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Problem #1:


Sometimes when I go from inside to outside, I suffer a massive dip in framerate (like down to 5 Fps)


That I can only fix by exiting out the game completely and re-loading. (Though if I go back indoors, my framerate goes back to normal)


Problem #2:


I recently changed my ENB to another one.


I'm now experiencing weird  stuttering/jerking movements from female breasts and butts


It doesn't happen all the time, but it does happen frequently. I would make a gif of the problem but whenever I go to record, the problem goes away completely, then comes back when I stop recording.


Anyone know any solutions? thanks!

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  1. What ENBs you were using?
  2. Are you trying to use ENBs on a laptop? If so, it's not recommended to use ENBs because mobile GPUs aren't the same as desktop video cards.





1. I was using bleak then I switched it to far off ENB


2. I Play on a PC, my gpu is a Gtx 660

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