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best skeleton for unp/b hdt is?


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OK ..I have read you need to cut breast bones down with tools to make torpedo boobs go away.

and that the best skeleton out is not so good in truth .so... what i wanna know is who has a xp32 compatible skeleton that has been worked on for the medium to small breasted dova and will you share it?


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this one has been best for me  Groovtama's, http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/676-xp32-maximum-skeleton-extended/


I know though that many people have different meshes, and there can always be conflicts, i think this is why people are reluctant to push one skeleton over another. and I might tell you this is best, and you try it, and everything go to hades on you.


But I have had good luck with this one.


You do need to watch many mods SOS, UNPB blessed body, I think one of the werewolf mods does as well, and some of these need to, (but try installing them with out allowing skeleton install if you have a skeleton that is working good with NMM you can always go back, and try it the other way) these are just some I know that will try to over write you skeleton during install, and there are others. Don't let this happen unless you are sure you want it changed.


if using NMM it is easy to watch what is being installed if it is over writing something you have already installed. So watch closely when installing, and be ready to click no on some items if you know you do not want them changed.

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I actually just installed that skelly and it has cured most of my uhm quirks?.. i still when naked get some distortion when in sexy idle (breast fondling), the best it ever looks is Using Aradia's panties from her lace dress .thanks for your kind response. I still kinda feel that big titties get more attention :P

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