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Yet another perma-undies problem


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I had had a perma-undies problem when I started my current game, 25 levels ago, but had fixed it by moving things around in my load order.  Today I reran Bodyslide 2, and now the perma-undies bug is back.  Unfortunately I can't remember what I did to fix it last time, and although I've tried moving mods around in Mod Organizer, I'm still seeing it.


I'm using SOS, the CT77 body included in the remodeled armor mod, and the XPMSE 2.06 skeleton.  They are in that order in the left hand pane of Mod Organizer.  I've run the LOOT included with mod organizer, no luck.


My load order is attached.  Any suggestions on what to move where?  Thanks in advance.




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If all you've done is use bodyslide then it sounds like you've built either the nevernude or the vanilla underwear  by mistake.


Even if you untick the underwear group when you batch build you need to go through and untick any underwear options that are included in any of the groups you have selected before you build the batch.


Without the CBBE Undies group selected you still have the below in other groups that need unticking before batch building or you get underwear ingame.



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I erased all of the files generated by BodySlide, defined my own preset with the same settings as the default CT77 body, then regenerated all the outfits, and my problem has now gone away.


Edit: @pinky6225 Thanks for your post.  On my second go-round I made sure that all of those were unchecked, I might not have been as careful the first time.  I think you've identified what I did wrong.

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